The built environment is politics made concrete – the physical representations of political ideologies given physical form. Euan Lynn’s work highlights this political underpinning behind architecture, reactivating its latent political intent by bringing it to the fore.

Working across various media, including photography, electronic sound and installation, Euan’s practice grounds itself in historical research, identifying ways in which the pasts of our buildings can be confronted to speak about our present. In doing this, the politics of a space can be subverted or reinstated, removing us from the neoliberal metropolis and providing us with an alternative approach to our cities.

The strands of Euan’s work weave together threads of constructivism, psychogeography and high and low cultures colliding to produce a vision of an environment shaped, but not limited by, the ideals of 20th century modernism, and suggests ways of reclaiming the original radical, utopian spirit of these spaces and artworks.

Euan Lynn
b. 1994, North Shields, UK

Email: euanlynn@gmail.com
Tel: 07545132957

2017-19 - MFA Fine Art, BxNU Institute, Northumbria University
2017 - Studio Program, Berlin Art Institute
2012-15 - BA in Contemporary Photographic Practice, Northumbria University

- AudioVisual, Voodoo Café, Darlington (group)
- Art Show, Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
- Encounter 2019, Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough (group)
- Until We Run Out Of Roads, BALTIC 39, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
- Encounter 2019, Ustinov College, Durham (group)
- Zip, Vane, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
- Part Of The Bigger Thing, Gallery North Project Space, Newcastle Upon Tyne (solo)
O', Baltic 39, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
Strange Pursuit, Vane, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
u.A.w.g, 404 | Berlin Art Institute, Berlin (group)
- In Cahoots, Hoults Yard, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
- En_counter The City, Holy Biscuit, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
- Artist Takeover, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
- Béton Brut, LensBasedSpace, Newcastle Upon Tyne (solo)
- FloatArt, Bargehouse Gallery, London (group)
- Reveal, Gallery North, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
- Traversive, Dance City, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
- Urban Fictions, Holy Biscuit, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
- Panacea, Ampersand Inventions, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
- Panacea, Gallery North Project Space, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)
- A Luta Continua!, Side Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne (group)


- Until We Run Out Of Roads, MFA graduate exhibition catalogue
- Part Of The Bigger Thing, cassette & booklet (self published)
- Newcastle Upon Tyne Walkway Map, Newcastle Upon Tyne Modernist Society
- O', MFA interim exhibition catalogue
- Béton Brut (self published)
- Skateboarding As Fine Art Practice (self published)
- Skateboarding As Artistic Practice (in 12-15)
- Art Concret (self published)
- RAD (self published)
- TRASH (self published)
- Heads Up (4-part series) (self published)
- Spots/Signs (self published)

2019/20 - Member of Collective Studio, Newbridge Project, Gateshead
2017 - Residency at Berlin Art Institute, Berlin
2016 - Residency at “InCahoots”, Newcastle
2015/16 - Residency at Graduate Studio Northumbria, Newcastle